Community Economic Development Officer

In 2008, the Corporation of the Town of Kearney adopted the Strategic Economic Development Plan. Developed by the Economic Development Advisory Committee of Council, and with the aid of student intern Kyla Pratt, the entire document presents a path and a direction which was designed to ensure economic growth and stability while managing the resources of the area.

Kearney strives to bring the community together through events and social gatherings, promote business and tourism growth, and increase cottage and residential development.

We have recently undergone a Business Retention and Expansion Project, which will help guide future decisions on Economic and Community Development.

If you are looking for statistical information on the area, please view the Kearney Community Census.

The District of Parry Sound has also released a Demographic Profile, highlighting the key attributes of the region. The Demographic Profile was derived from the 2011 Census data, and provides insight and comparison between all municipalities within the Parry Sound and Almaguin Highlands area.