Documents and Forms

Below are a number of printable forms. Some forms are also available as “online” forms for your convenience.

Application to Town Council for Board and Committee Volunteersuse to apply for appointment to Advisory Committees and Boards
Birth and Marriageuse to apply for these certificates
Building Department – Applications, Documents and Formsvarious applications and forms pertaining to all building requirements
Civic / 911 Address Applicationuse to apply for a civic address number
Complaint Formuse to direct your concern/issue to staff and Council’s attention
Delegation Formuse to request your opportunity to speak before Council
Facility Rental Agreement Formuse to apply for the rental of the Kearney Community Centre facilities
Lottery Licence Informationlearn who is eligible to obtain a lottery licence under the AGCO Act
Parks & Recreation Registration Formuse to submit your information to register for a class or activity
Planning Department Documents and Formsvarious applications and forms pertaining to all planning requirements
Property Tax Notice Email Request Formuse to request delivery of your tax notice by email
Volunteer – Fire Fighter and First Responderuse to volunteer for the Kearney Fire Department

If you cannot find the form you are looking for, please contact the office.