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Are you looking to develop your land, or do you have questions about a particular piece of property? Here are a few resources to help you figure things out!

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing offers information on their website regarding the Planning Process as it affects municipalities across Ontario (including Kearney). They also offer “A Citizens Guide to Land Use Planning“, an in-depth look at how the planning process works.

The Official Plan for the Town of Kearney is the document which defines the direction of Kearney (and its Council) is focused. The values, desires and goals of the community are outlined in this document and they provide the basis for the policies, by-laws and regulations of the Town This plan provides the foundation on this the Zoning By-law is based and allows the reader to determine if their desires correspond to the goals of Council and if their ambitions might be supported .

The Zoning By-law specifies and regulates the uses of all lands within the municipality’s borders. By setting out specific zones, with particular prohibitions and defined uses, the Zoning By-law allows readers to understand just how their land may be utilized or when to seek the necessary permissions or exceptions to proceed.

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