Recreation and Trails

The Town of Kearney boasts a variety of recreational facilities and trails used by residents and visitors alike. Our committee sponsors various classes for fun and fitness, and assists community groups in hosting classes and activities which help keep our community fit and active!

Visit our Parks & Recreation Classes page from the Events menu to see what we are up to!

If hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding and horseback riding interests you, Kearney offers some of the most beautiful and accessible trails in the area! View the various trail maps below:

A map outlining the Town’s Trail Systems and Recreational Facilities is available at the Town Office, or you may download your own copy. Click here to access the Kearney Trail Map.

Three of our most popular trails are Animosh Trail, Bare Rock Trail, and Horseshoe Trail. You can view information on all three of these trails here.

White’s Farm Trail is a popular path for hiking, biking or just enjoying nature. Check out the brochure here.

The parking lot at the Kearney Ball Diamond, located at 53 Park Road (adjacent to the H. White Memorial Legion) is kept clear each winter to allow interested Snowmobile riders and ATV users to access local trails.