The Kearney Fire Hall is located at 111 Main Street, Kearney

Service Recognition Awards

James Leeder 5 Yr. Service Award
James Leeder receiving 5 year Service Awards
Paul Schaefer 20 Yr. Service Award
Paul Schaefer receiving 20 year Service Award
Applications to join the Fire Department or First Response Team are available here


CO Alarm
CO Alarm

BonfireThe By-Law regulating Open Air Burning has been updated.

Please be advised that the Town of Kearney now requires that you obtain a permit for the discharge of Fireworks and that the setting off of Sky Lanterns is prohibited.

IMPORTANT Emergency Vehicle Accessibility Information

Remember that Private Access Roads that lead to and from your residence should be kept clear and free of snow in the winter , as well as obstructions from branches and fallen trees in the summer. This will determine the type and size of Emergency Vehicles that can access your property.

Accessibility for the Kearney Fire and Emergency Services and their vehicles during any emergency is important and inaccessible roads will determine the level of service you receive.

It is the responsibility of the home or cottage owner to ensure access on privately maintained roads for Emergency Vehicles.

Access should be maintained to a minimum of 6 metres ( 20 feet ) wide by 4 metres ( 13 feet ) high. Turn around areas at the end of lane-ways should also be constructed with a diameter of 18 metres ( 66 feet ). Grades should be kept to a maximum 12 degrees.  Also, please keep in mind that today’s Emergency Vehicles can be quite heavy and require that road beds, bridges, etc. be designed to support these loads.

Most of all, REMEMBER, if we can’t get there – we can’t help you.