Finance / Treasury / Tax Department

Keven Beaucage, AMCT
Deputy Clerk – Treasurer

The Corporation of the Town of Kearney offers residents the opportunity to receive Municipal Property Tax Notices as an email attachment rather than by regular mail.

Property Tax Information

Tax Notices Issued and Payment Due Dates for 2021

Interim Billing is Issued in February

1st Installment due February 26
2nd Installment due April 30

Final Billing is Issued in August

1st Installment due August 31
2nd Installment due October 29

Late payment penalty of 1.25% is applied to all prior tax arrears. (*Failure to receive your Tax Notice does not relieve you from incurring penalty charges for late payment, as it is your responsibility to ensure taxes are paid on time*.)

Please note: due to COVID-19, late tax penalties on current taxes (2021) have been waived for the 2021 year; however, they will still be applied to outstanding tax amounts for 2020 and prior.

Town of Kearney ratepayers are encouraged to make tax payments on the original due dates.

Methods for Paying your Tax Notice

  • Internet or Telephone Banking
  • Canada Post Mail Service
  • At you Financial Institution
  • At the Municipal Office
    (cash, cheque, debit or *credit card*) – *please note for credit card payments we add a 3% surcharge on the amount being paid*

How to enter your tax information as a bill for on-line banking payments.
Enter the payment information exactly as shown as per your financial institution

Kearney, Town of – Taxes
4918 XXX XXX XXXXX (omit last 4 zero’s)

Kearney Town Tax
4918 XXX XXX XXXXX (omit last 4 zero’s)

Credit Unions
Kearney Town – Taxes
4918 XXX XXX XXXXX 0000 (enter full roll number) OR:
XXX XXX XXXXX 0000 (omit 4918)

Kearney (Town) – Tax
XXX XXX XXXXX 0000 (omit 4918)

Kearney (Town) – Taxes
XXX XXX XXXXX 0000 (omit 4918)

TD Bank
Kearney (Town of) Taxes
4918 XXX XXX XXXXX 0000 (enter full roll)


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