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New Official Town of Kearney Logos

News Release

August 24, 2018

New Official Town of Kearney Logos

Kearney, ON – On July 20th, 2018, Town Council approved the adoption of the three new Town of Kearney logo’s that will be used going forward. The three new logos’ will now replace the previous Town of Kearney logo that has been present for decades.

Communications and consultation with various partners began in February and the re-branding initiative was led by the Community Economic Development Officer. The three new logos were designed by Peacock’s Signs & Designs.

With the new logos, the “Oval Badge” reflects the natural beauty and scenery of Kearney while the Loon taking off is symbolic for the upward growth of the Town’s future. The “Georgia” font was specifically chosen for the logo to appear elegant but legible printed in small or on low-resolution screens.

Kearney is currently in a phase of economic growth in population, job creation, tourism, and the new logos further reinforces that Kearney is a forward-thinking Municipality.