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Volunteer Fire Department

Volunteer Fire Department

The Kearney Volunteer Fire Department has a rich and varied history. From humble beginnings in 1922, when Council passed a by-law to enact the Fire Department, (with the stipulation that the cost of the fire truck, pump and apparatus not exceed $5,000) to our present day Fire and Emergency Services Team, we have grown and flourished through the hard work and dedication of both our volunteer team members and Town citizens.

Training is provided every Thursday evening and alternates with Fire training one night and First Response training the next week.  Many of the members are therefore out each week on Thursdays if they work in the capacity of fire fighter/first responder.  Weekend training is also offered three to four times per year and outside training resources are used on these days.  Fire fighters/first responders are required to maintain their level of knowledge by attending a minimum of 75% of all training annually.

If you are interested in joining the Kearney Fire and Emergency Services team, please complete the form below.

Print the Volunteer Fire Fighter and First Responder Application Form

Whether they are providing information and guidance regarding how to enjoy a safe and happy summer experience like a bonfire, explaining the difference between a bonfire and an incinerator, performing a rescue, saving a structure from fire or overseeing the Town’s annual fireworks display, the Kearney Fire and First Response Team is an an important and integral part of Kearney’s past, present and future!

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