Heritage Buildings

St. Patrick’s Roman Church

Built by Irish lumbermen and under the guidance of Father Thomas F. Fleming, the impressive stone church at Kearney was completed in 1904 (four years before Kearney was officially incorporated). It was dedicated to Saint Patrick in a solemn ceremony by Bishop R.A. O’Connor.

“It was constructed from hand-gathered fieldstone,” says Patti Gilchrist, chair of the church’s restoration committee. “When the Irish came to this community, there were a significant number of them and they decided they would build this church.”

In 1986, St. Patrick’s Roman Church was officially designated as a Heritage site and restoration of the windows was completed in 1987.

St. Patrick’s Roman Church served as an active church until 2004, when a structural issue forced its doors to close. For six years St. Patrick’s was empty, but the restoration committee was determined to return the church to its former glory and finally the doors were re-opened in August of 2010.

Today, the original tin ceiling remains as well as the original stained glass windows including one that depicts Saint Patrick. St. Patrick’s Roman Church is located at 89 Rain Lake Rd and is the only heritage building in Kearney. 

For more information, St. Patrick’s Roman Church can be contacted at: (705) 636-5334