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Election 2022

Who can vote? Can I vote? How do I vote? So many questions!!!

To find out if you are on the Voter’s List, visit or call the Town Office!

How do I vote?

Watch your Canada Post Mailbox for important voting documents which will arrive in the coming weeks. Inside you will find your mail-in ballot. Follow the instructions within the document package to complete your ballot, put the completed ballot into the designated envelope, and drop off your completed ballot/package at your nearest Canada Post location.

Who is Running? How Many People can I Vote for?

List of Certified Candidates for Office

For the Office of Mayor (one to be elected)
You may vote for one of these candidates:

Boyce, Douglasdouglasgboyce@gmail.comNot released
Philip, Cherylcouncillorcherylphilip@gmail.com705-636-5148
Thrale, Lancelancethrale@gmail.comNot released

For the Office of Councillor (4 to be elected)
You may choose up to four candidates:

 Beaucage (Allen), Keven KevenBeaucage.Kearney@gmail.comNot released
 Lacey, 705-896-3700
 Pateman (Fetterley), Heatherhpateman@me.com705-571-0533
Philip, Jaretjaretphilipforcouncil@gmail.comNot released
Rickward, Michael 705-471-4482
 Sharer, Jilljillasharer@gmail.com705-721-3924
Ziraldo, Paul pziraldo@live.ca705-818-0224

When will we know who won?

Election Day is October 24th. All ballots must be received by October 24th.
Election workers will begin the process of tallying the votes at 8 pm on October 24th.
Candidates and their scrutineers will be on-site, and will have the official tally once all ballots are counted and the count is verified.
Watch this page for the final election count and to see who will serve on the next Kearney Council!!

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